About Us

Hi. My name is Janella Casas Joves. 16 years of age. Future CPA 😍 (I wish), the main dancer of the group, the most talkative and friendly, so-called Bluenella and the oldest of the group. (The most appealing to the boys).


Ni hao! Wo shi Krystel! Wo shi duizang of this group. Hello guys! I’m Krystel, the leader and the second big sis in this group, the lead vocalist, dancer and rapper and I’m the 3 t’s (Thinnest, tallest [char?], tabachoy, tingting rather) Char! (Greentel)


Hi! My name is Rhea Jean Lopera. You can call me Ms. GANDA / PRETTY. The main rapper of the group. I have a lot of friends because I’m friendly, the noisiest, mischievous, talkative and joker but I’m not clown ’cause I’m PRETTY. (Rheid)


Hello. I’m Aeryel! Just call me Yel, the maknae or the youngest in our team. The main vocalist and face of the group. I may be the most shy in our group but I have a hidden abilities. (Aeryellow)



And We are The Char!






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