When We’re Together

Have you ever felt missing someone?

Reminiscing your old days, bringing back your happy moments together and then you felt like you want to back on that particular time.

Because if you are going to ask me, I felt it.

We thought you were going back

But you go apart

Everything’s like a piece of crack

And it’s a tear in our hearts

The stage we had shared are meaningful

It’s exceptional than anything

Our harmony is incomparable

And that’s the best feeling

Digging into the past

Where all I can see is your smiles

The euphoria suddenly lasted

Now we’re wishing for reconcile

I miss the days when we’re together

And that never-ending story

Be with you, for now forever

Comeback, we’re longing for you, Nellie.


It’s seems like yesterday when we met, when we became friends, when we made our company and it is just like yesterday when we are with you.

Someday, in the right time and in the right place, you will be here, you will go back and you will be with us.

My dear friend, I hope you like this…

Best friend, according to Merriam Webster Dictionary, the definition of best friend is one attached to another by affection or esteem. And attached means it can’t let it go or it can’t break.

However not all the time he or she will be there, because he will also let go. But that doesn’t mean he will forget you, he is just far away nevertheless he won’t forget you.

To all best friends that separated, there are reasons behind, maybe this is not the time for you to meet again but time will come.

There are times that we feel, we don’t have anyone to condole with because they are gone, but they are still there though they’re by a great deal, they still thinking about you.

Those happy and good things you’d shared are painful to surrender, it is not easy to let go and get over. So if you could still take care of your relationship, you can do it.


Enjoy this song…

Whenever You Remember


Nellie 🙂